What it is

Kireti is a SW and HW platform for modular management of security systems for automatic generation of alert, alarm and operating states through a single user interface that can receive input from various sources.

What it does

Kireti monitors and collects data from any digital reading device. It organizes, analyses and structures them to provide standard operating procedures, established instructions and operating tools.

How it does it

Kireti is accessible from control centres and smart devices with customizable work flows for each single user. It selects the data correlating the events through automated processes and keeps track of operator/system interaction.

For whom?

Kireti features are designed primarily to answer needs of integrated control and surveillance of the police, municipal authorities and companies that manage large production plants

site spa

SITE S.p.A. has developed the Kireti platform. Designing and installing new-generation security systems means satisfying the customer’s needs by developing video surveillance with the best telecommunication technologies.


Why choose Kireti



Real-time monitoring and verification of alarm situations, excluding false alarms.


Elimination of the need to manually analyse and correlate data coming from different systems.


Ease of assimilation of operating procedures and real-time data sharing between the operations centre and the operators in the field through Android technology.


Ability to provide a report of live and recorded events in real-time, extrapolating them frame by frame.


Maximum development potential and ease of installation and configuration at contained cost. The interface is structured on the intuitive logic of mobile systems and is easy to use and maintain.



Automatic intervention in case of an alarm


Visibility and traceability of interventions in the field




Automatic receipt of procedures and information on the intervention


Live update of the places of intervention and the alarm status




Message receipt

The text messages are received by the operations centre and by the operators in the field in secure and encrypted mode by means of the data network or the network manager.

GPS Tracking

The application periodically sends the GPS coordinates of the device on which it is installed to the server. Video streams and other operations are also sent at the same time.


Activating the “emergency button” function, the application signals an alarm. A message is sent to the operations centre and video transmission activated.

Obstacle alert

The coordinates of the obstacle found can be transmitted, the severity of the situation indicated, and a text description and photograph attached.

Patrol start

È possibile selezionare e avviare una specifica ronda (creata in fase di configurazione), durante la quale l’applicazione recupera e invia in maniera sicura al server le coordinate GPS associate al dispositivo

SOS management

An alarm button sends an SMS with the current position of the device. At the same time, a rescue call is forwarded and recorded, a flash light comes on on the palmtop and a laser pointer is activated.

Man down

The device detects when the palmtop is violently dropped, potentially associated with hazardous circumstances for the operator. In case of abnormal acceleration, the system starts a countdown which the operator can stop if necessary.


Kireti has multiple analysis functions and they can all be activated on the video streams integrated by the system. The video analyses are among the main triggers used to generate events that will then be managed by the platform.

  • AreaEntrance Function
    Alarm when someone intrudes in a configured virtual area.
  • AreaOccupancy Function
    Alarm when someone is and stays in a configured virtual area.
  • TripWire Function
    Alarm when someone crosses a configured virtual line in one or both directions.
  • Tampering Function
    Alarm when the camera is darkened or moved.
  • VideoLoss Function
    Alarm when the input video signal is lost.


Using cameras or specific number plate reading devices, a list of transits can be integrated in the system through a series of video shooting stations spread over the territory in order to get immediate feedback on:

  • Coverage/non coverage of the insurance policy
  • Validity/invalidity of car roadworthiness
  • Car stolen/not stolen
  • Whether it is on the centralized blacklist or managed locally


All sensors acquired by Kireti are viewable through a 3D graphics. This graphic provides interaction with all devices controlled in order to obtain a 3D simulation of the interested area. Kireti offers:

  • Creation of the chart template
  • 3D Animated maps
  • Clay Modelling
  • Photorealistic Rendering Integration
  • 3D visualization of high complexity systems
  • 3D visualization inside buildings for possible evacuations or identification of objects / commands


The system acquires any type of IOT device and controls it thanks to the simplicity of use of its interface. The domotic solutions make it possible to extend a control on all affected areas, on the operation of video surveillance systems, supervision in the closing and opening doors and automatic systems of various types present in the area of action.

  • Early warning in case of alarm
  • The presence in any environment, the state of each opening and managing placements, bypass and presence simulations
  • Each zone can be monitored in real time, in case of alarm or motion, a video is recorded

Technical features

1Can the management interface be customized?
Kireti allows a high degree of customization of the man/machine interface display. The permitted functions, alarms and associated devices can be defined for each user.
2How are the alarms coming from the field and/or other existing systems managed?
You can configure with which sequence of events an alarm is associated, its priority, the users involved and the management protocol. The GPS position is associated with each alarm.
3Is alert generation automated?
Kireti correlates the physical or informative data coming from video resources and automatically generates alerts. Guided procedure: following each event, the operator receives the established management and intervention procedure.
4What software does Kireti use?
It has been designed with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Its functions are managed as independent and intercommunicating services in order to ensure maximum development flexibility and make provision for integrating new types of devices and services.
5What hardware does Kireti use?
The platform has been designed to interact with generic devices through IP technology. Analogue devices can be used if interfaced by means of encoders the platform supports (the use of Milestone Xprotect® guarantees compatibility with a wide range of IP encoders and cameras).
6How are the video streams managed?
The platform allows managing the video streams received from the various devices based on an external NVR system (Milestone Xprotect® – MXP).
7Which devices are needed in the field?
Kireti has implemented a client for Android devices to be distributed to the operators working in the field.
8Can the platform be implemented later?
Support is provided for advanced video analysis thanks to the plug-in structure of the platform. Additional video analysis functions can be integrated simply by activating the function as integrated software service or as separate appliance and connecting it to the control plug-in device.

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